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Hello! My name is Hannah Grove, massage therapist at Fringe Salon. I graduated from the Capri College of Massage in 2021 with a focus on traditional Swedish massage, Thai massage, and prenatal massage. My areas of interest for continued learning include Reiki training, neuromuscular techniques, and techniques for targeted healing. My intention is to intend to your whole person to lead you to a more complete healing. My journey toward a career in wellness began in 2013 as a pharmacy technician, a nursing assistant, and later I attended nursing school. These experiences revealed to me that I wanted to share a deeper connection with my clients. I wanted to provide healing through energetic exchange through my presence. As a healer, I am deeply connected to the energetic exchange that occurs through massage and I strongly believe in the transformational benefits of human touch. Each session with me is customized for the needs and goals of my clients. I can easily shift between relaxation, deep tissue, to energy work to suit your needs. As a listener and a lifelong learner, I welcome the opportunity to join each client in their healing journey. I aim to connect deeply to learn about struggles and strengths, to provide an individualized and holistic review of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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